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Patient Information


General Information

Granger Pharmacy will protect your Protected Health Information (PHI) at all times. Our privacy statement is available online and as a PDF document. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at (804) 521-7384 or toll-free (855) 416-0035.

Privacy Statement


I would like to visit the pharmacy.

Unfortunately, we are a closed-door pharmacy with no waiting area or public space. Our team will call you to arrange a time for delivery, whether via courier or FedEx.


OTC Products and Testing Kits

At this time, we do not carry any OTC products or testing kits (COVID-19, influenza, pregnancy, etc.). Please visit your local community pharmacy for these items.

Offer to Counsel Notice

This document has been included in all first fill prescriptions. If you have questions about your medications at any time, please contact us.