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Sterile Compounding


Our Approach

Sterile compounding requires preparing a medication in an environment free from bacteria, viruses, or any other potentially infectious microorganisms. Products may include injections, infusions, or applications to the eye. Our staff is comprehensively trained to ensure your product is prepared to the exact specifications of your physician and will not result in any adverse events. We adhere to the most stringent standards set forth by the United States Pharmacopeia Chapter <797> and Chapter <800>.

Sterile Compounding
Sterile Compounding

Eye drops


Compounded Sterile Dosage Forms at Granger Pharmacy

To ensure your medications are safe and effective, we prepare these products upon receipt of a valid prescription. Some medications will not be compounded if there is a commercially available product, unless the medication is listed on the FDA shortage list. Please note, that compounded medications may not be covered by your insurance. We will notify you as soon as possible to inform you of any potential issues.